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Default Re: Is this the way that Mayweather is pound for pound the best ?

Originally Posted by victor879 View Post
It should be pretty evident by now that Bob Arum never had any intention of putting Pacquiao in the ring against Mayweather.

Saturday night was Exhibit A as to why.... If you think that right hand was nasty, that's something Pacquiao would eat all night against Mayweather.

Fight is and always has been a mismatch. Pacquiao would have nothing more than a puncher's chance. The idea that he would manhandle Mayweather is not based on reality, just Pac****/Floyd-hater fairy tales and dreams.
This is pretty much it! Arum never, ever was gonna let that fight happened until he thought that he could not milk manny career anymore. Unfortunately, for him he miscalculated the threat JMM posed and lost out at the final big payday. I love Manny but I have said it hundreds of times in the past; his foot work is **** and a master boxer will be able to time his movements." JMM was doing that for the most part in the first 3 fights and finished the deal this time. I feel bad for manny, he should have got away from arum a long time ago
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