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Default Re: Question about Floyd and Pac styles of fighting

Originally Posted by Miguel View Post
I'm not denying Floyd would get counters in, I noted that with what I said above as it's his main countering weapon. But he doesn't get in close enough to lay on the kind of damaging counters Marquez does...Mayweather's KO record is very poor for good reason, he doesn't have great power and his counters are not as dangerous as Marquez' because Marquez is willing to get close and get in harm's way to throw them, Floyd does not.

Floyd will clearly connect with Pacquiao and perhaps get a decision, KO is always possible as 1 punch is all it takes but less likely based on what we know. Pacquiao would likewise give Floyd plenty of problems also though for reasons mentioned above
I agree with this, Floyd will not take the risks JMM was taking in staying a little more flat footed and putting more power into his shots
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