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Default Re: Marquez: Its my skill not the muscle

Originally Posted by Smokin' Joe View Post
The very same punch that knocked Pacquiao out in the 6th round, but didn't in the 5th?!

Does this mean he was taking PEDs between rounds 5 and 6?!

****ing idiots.
Why Mayquez was not able to even knock PAC down during the previous 36 rounds?
Was his skills poor so far and right now he just got better in terms of skill level

It is obvious to anybody whose eyes are not blind that Marquez is larger, stronger and
that his improved physique is the real reason he was able to put PAC to sleep.
I do not thing that it is any shame in that or it should be denied or diminished,
its good for Marquez he is stronger and can knock ANYBODY out with his improved muscles
... unless he has something to hide and he became regular PED user and cheater.

I personally do not think he used PEDs or he cheat but he should admit himself
that his grown up muscles were the real reason he was able to knock PAC out
.... not his skill level which gave him nothing in the previous three fights.
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