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Default Re: Marquez: Its my skill not the muscle

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
Absolutely true.

It was about Pacquiao not seeing the shot, moving right into it, the timing & execution...

The fact that Marquez weighed (unofficially) 148 as opposed to whatever he'd rehydrated to the first three times may have added some oomph, but the fact is it took him 42 rounds to find that perfect counter punch on the button. Had he done so in any of the previous 41, Pacquiao very likely still would have been KTFO.
I don't dispute Marquez being in more fantastic shape than usual. But it was the timing of the punch that did Pacman in. Pacman was out of position, falling into the shot, and the punch connected right with his jaw. Absolutely Perfect Punch. May top Maricano/Walcott on my personal best ever list.
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