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Default Re: How exactly does Pacquiao have a better resume than Mayweather?

Originally Posted by Inquisitive View Post

Majority of fans believe Marquez won at least two, and that's before the KO. Also, Mayweather beat Marquez decisively. The number of times he's faced them is irrelevant. That just means he couldn't seal the deal or lost.

The ones in bold are shared opponents.

Then we have Clottey and Margarito. Mayweather would make mince-meat out of either one. No one puts Clottey in the ranks of the greats, so I don't know why he's considered such a great win for Pacquaio -- oh yeah, he's Pacquaio, that's why.

So that leaves Barrera and Morales.
Clottey is a dangerous fight for anybody as is Margo, especially when they are bigger than you, Margo-Pac would be like Floyd-Abraham...but "what if I lose" mentality stops fights like this. There was a huge cry for a Margo/Cotto match up in 07/08 yet Floyd decided to go on vacation instead , he has everything required to be a top ten fighter all time but the mentality, how frustrating to neutral fans is it to see a guy with he's ability and skill opt for the easy route time and time again? He's nigh on become a joke.
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