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Default Re: why do many boxing coaches think boxing is damn different from other sports???

Originally Posted by 4eyes View Post
Don't really know where your going with this? I'm not looking to debate on opinions there has to be another thread on the forum for that? the guy asked a question and I responded with my 0.2$ based on MY experience and MY opinion not speaking for anyone else nor do I deem myself all knowing enough to do so
4eyes, you have run into the well known yap pack, who just **** on anything anybody has to say. The yappers are no-talent wanna be's who couldnt get a good coach to even listen to them. They come on here telling everybody that they know and boxing coaches are full of fecal matter and no nothings. Maybe if these yappers knew there was a door to the gym where that useless coach is and that they could use the same door and walk out. It's just that they are frustrated and whining, they havent figured that they can use the same door that they came in to leave, duh!
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