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Default Rank Barrera, Morales and Marquez

My pick is 1. Barrera 2. Marquez 3. Morales

Barrera's greatest wins:
Erik Morales - Got the upper hand on Morales. He won the first fight and the third fight. Morales won the second.
Prince Naseem Hamed - legendary dismantling of a great fighter
Johnny Tapia
Paulie Ayala
Kennedy McKinney
- Came VERY close with Marquez in 2007, Barrera was past it in 2007.

Marquez's greatest wins:
Pacman 4 - What a KO. Marquez had lost a lot of speed, and had tailored more of his game towards pacing himself like a true counter puncher, trying to get the KO as planned. Marquez did not go into this fight to get a decision win. Nor did Pacquiao. Marquez was 39 years old and his speed was no way near fight 1.
Arguably he won at least 2 of the 3 other fights against Pacquiao.
Derrick Gainer
Juan Diaz
Orlando Salido
Marco Antonio Barrera - only just, and Barrera was not in his prime, and Barrera arguably won that fight, Lederman thinks Barrera won by two rounds.
- His resume has the least impressive names.

Morales' greatest wins:
He won the second fight but he finished second place to Barrera.
Manny 1 - still, he finished second in this trilogy - Manny's weight draining and off-prime fighting tactics were in play for this trilogy however. Erik in the second fight looked DEAD during the weigh in.
Junior Jones - Hello Barrera
Jesus Chavez
In-Jin Chi
Espadas Jr - Before the Morales loss, he was a beast. Morales ruined his career and he was losing to bums as a result.


This is very hard as they're all virtually even. A hairs width separates these three fighters. I think I could probably even change my mind as a result.
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