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Default Re: How exactly does Pacquiao have a better resume than Mayweather?

Originally Posted by Inquisitive View Post
I didn't call Barrera a scrub, but I did neglect to list him. Rather than nit-pick, you might as well concede that Pacquiao fought low level opponents for a lot longer than Mayweather did.
-Missing Barrera is hardly a nitpick, that's a pretty HUGE name to neglect and calls into question your credability. Even moreso than trashing Morales as "low profile". We are suppose to take you seriously and waste our time arguing with you when you began your thread this way?

-By 1998 both men had won titles and earned the #1 ranking in their respective weight classes. But no question, Mayweather was the more high profile fighter until 2004. But I don't think many argue Pacquiao as the superior resume based on this isolated pocket of time without context.

-Mayweather was a Golden Gloves Champion, a child prodigy American Olympian who didn't turn Pro until he was 20 years of age and fought at much more lucrative weights. Pacquiao was a poor Pinoy who turned pro as a teenager to earn a living after a short largely unknown amatuer career in largely ignored lower weight classes. Not to knock Pacman though, despite his more humble beginings he did capture Sasakul's lineal title just a few days shy of 20th birthday. If that is "****" to you, many fighters would be so lucky to be called "****."

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