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Default Re: Do you wanna watch Pac v.s. JMM 5?

Originally Posted by Rumsfeld View Post
Do you think he will retire? Or do you think he will want a last mega payday or 2?

I didn't watch much of 24/7 this time around, but I remember seeing something about Marquez in a new nicer and bigger home in a safer area with lots of privacy?

The appeal of having more money to go out on so he can provide for loved ones may be something he finds difficulty to pass up. I don't know.

If he retires though, fans will always remember him for THIS! And that's a pretty awesome thing to be remembered for, given the whole history of the Pac-JMM series.

I think it was such a big win he probably won't retire. I'm hearing about drug-testing and a 5th fight already. I thought Marquez was supposed to be spending time with his family. Information obviously travels fast these days, though.

That's a good point about the house. He has the potential to earn the most now so he will probably go for another fight.
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