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Default Re: Marquez: Its my skill not the muscle

Originally Posted by Stinky gloves View Post
all of that plus ..... the coincidental foot stepping and the result is an obvious KO of the year.

The real question is: would that work vs Floyd?

- would be Marquez in the same shape .... no .... he would be blood drained form
tens Ollimpic tests done before the fight, and he would be cheated again on
the scale so no fantastic shape and additional weight disadvantage

- would be Floyd timed properly .... Floyd is safety first so it is hard to time someone who rolls his shoulder more often than he throws punches.

- would be Floyd out of position: yes but in the other direction since Floyd moves backward never forward

- failing into shot: never as mentioned above

- punch connected to the jaw: not, since Floyds jaw is always protected by his shoulder

- foot stepping: I doubt this would work in Marquez favor, it would bring the traditional elbow shots and the cheap sneaky punches (during the break and after the bell) to the table
Nothing is impossible but I would never favor Marquez over Mayweather as is. Marquez is an elite counter puncher, maybe the best, but Mayweather's reach and mobility forces him out of his comfort zone and into the aggressor role that's he not nearly as effective at.
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