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Default Re: The Diaz Brothers Belong in Pro Boxing

Originally Posted by Brisbox View Post
They would simply take too long to transition into pro boxing, by the time they were anywhere close to getting near top 20 they would be too old to challenge anyone seriously

Don't get me wrong I think if they took the pro boxing route from the beginning they could have had a career, but they've dedicated most of their lives to BJJ, their standup is MMA orientated and I don't think they could change their bad habits

I think they are great MMA fighters and good for UFC production, they're just not boxers no matter how much they like throwing their hands
Like I said, they don't need to climb the ranks... Nick Diaz expressed an interest in fighting Lacy after the talks with Vargas fell through, and Lacy was more than willing. He immediately jumped at the opportunity.

No such thing as "too old" in Boxing or MMA. With age comes experience, Hopkins is 47, Marquez is 39, Couture was 40 something. Y'all musta forgot.

Originally Posted by lobk View Post
This is one of the dumbest post I've seen in the MMA forum. Neither brother has a shot in boxing. It is way to late in their career to switch over. The tactic used in MMA stand up and a boxing stand up are two different animal. Also to make money in professional boxing you have to be in the top 5 of your weight class. If you think they can even compete with the top 10, hell top 20 boxers in their weight class you are ****ing stupid beyond belief and need to stop watching boxing and MMA.
Do you really think they will Box as they fight? You how no idea, let them lace up the gloves, put the shoes and tassels on first before we color them bad.

Plenty of fighters outside the top 5 making money in Boxing, from up and comers to shot fighters..... Did you think he would be fighting Lacy for peanuts?

Originally Posted by rekcutnevets View Post
They do not have the speed necessary to make it in a sport limited to two limbs and clinching against the rules. They are way too slow. If, and I mean IF, their chins were to remain as sturdy in boxing as they are in mma, the best they could hope to look like is middleweight versions of Tex Cobb against Larry Holmes. And that's against journeymen. You can forget them entering the big time.
I never said they would be P4P, and I agree with the Tex Cobb reference. As I said above, fighting barefoot and squaring off in a Boxing Ring are two different things.

Originally Posted by achillesthegreat View Post
They are long time top contenders. One just fought for the UFC Gold at 155 and the other is lined up to fight for the UFC Gold at 170. I'm sure they have both accumulated a good few million and have stuck to MMA for a reason.

They could go into boxing but neither are a big enough name to create some megafight. If they start lower the money probably won't be more than their on now and they could lose many times and never hit the same level as they did in MMA. If they go higher in level i.e. Jeff Lacy, and lose then they could crash and burn before anything gets going.

Alternatively Nate can stay in the UFC where I'm sure he earns a coupld couple of hundred grand and Nicks probably nearing a million or more, especially with GSP line up.

Nick could go to 185. Nates in a division where Henderson may not be champ for much longer with Pettis, Aldo, Frankie etc hunting him down.
Originally Posted by achillesthegreat View Post
Nick vs Lacy/Vargas is interesting. Shot fighters, decent but not unbelievable money but still a huge possibility of losing.
Nick Diaz made $200,000 for fighting CC, and Nate Diaz got a $65,000 bonus for UFC on FOX 3, I doubt that he ever made six figures for a single fight.

Mark my words, they won't defend UFC Gold.

Originally Posted by greathamza View Post
They dont need to try their hands in boxing everyone knows they wouldnt be able to do **** there
Yet there is interest and a deal would draw Sports fans from all over. It doesn't matter what you think will happen, people will watch, people will buy.

Originally Posted by gumbo2176 View Post
The OP is obviously a huge fan of those two social misfits to think they could simply walk into a boxing ring in "13" and develop fast enough to make more money in boxing than they currently do in MMA.

Their boxing skills are rudimentary at best. They do well with it in cage fighting since that is one aspect of the game they are better in than many of their opponents. They don't possess enough skill to only rely on punching. Then there's the footwork which is usually wider than their guard which would have to be re-worked for boxing.
I wouldn't consider myself a huge fan of The Diaz Brothers. Actually I was rooting for Bendo, and was satisfied in seeing Nate being taught a lesson for 25 minutes. Hopefully he learned a thing or two about respect this past Saturday.

Develop fast enough in one year to top this year's salary? Quit pulling **** outta your ass. Don't ever mention footwork for Boxing again as I covered that in the responses above.
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