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Default Re: Question about Floyd and Pac styles of fighting

Well for one this fight was only made possible because of the farce of a fight DLH vs MP. We are still talking about a fighter who doesn't really belong in the weight class, but is good enough to compete there. If you also look at his competition MP has been tearing up the weight class because he is the better technical fighter and the faster fighter. You don't win titles in 8 weight classes or beat guys like Barrera and Morales without having technical proficiency. It took one of the smartest counter punchers of our era 4 opportunities to win 1 definitively. He went life and death in 3 of them and the first two were razor thin and in their prime weight and age. So this notion that Mayweather is head and shoulders technically superior doesn't have much weight. Both MP and FM have benefited from being technically superior than their welterweight opponents.

So as far as the fight itself I would favor Mayweather. Why I think he is fresher and his physical advantages of height and reach are too much to overcome. However this is why I give MP a fighting chance. If you watch the first two fights against Marquez they were close fights because of the same things he did in the 4th fight, lots of feints, lots of head movement. After the DLH fight Pac got used to fighting technically inferior opponents and he didn't have to do that so much. I think after the scare in the 3rd Marquez fight Roach and MP went back to the drawing board and went back to the old ways. So this is why it would help.

For one if you want to beat a counter-puncher you have to feint them a lot. Mayweather being a master of defense and countering has created a reaction for just about every punch. If you want to open him up you have to feint him to get him used to certain patterns and see what reaction you are going to get. MP when he is at his best will keep his hands up to block punches, walks forward with head movement so it's hard to tell which punch is coming first, will feint to open up his opponent and will explode straight down the middle with quick 1-2 punches. I think for May who is used to fighting opponents who don't throw such quick or straight punches would have a hard time blocking every single punch and I think some of them could catch him off guard. I think they would also be hard enough that even with his guard up it could bloody him a little. I also think Manny's unconventional footwork would also be hard for May to counter every punch as he may not know which direction Pac intends to throw.

I think other things Pac will have success with:
Mayweather likes to throw single jabs. Pacquiao usually times his left hook off the jab. Wouldn't happen often, but I think Mayweather would find it annoying and it could open him up.

I think Pac's feint to the body and left up stairs would have major success. May fights very tall and Pac is short enough and comes in hard enough that May would probably try to protect his body.

Why I think Mayweather would win:
1. Range - he just to tall for Pac to dart in and out. Pac will have to dart out farther than usual and commit more when he comes on the inside.
2. Mayweather fights slender. Hardly will you ever see May square up. May's stance is really what wins him most of the battles and it will be really hard for Pac to land a good combo until he opens Mayweather up.

However those two things are also what keep May backing up in straight lines into the ropes so who knows.

Anyhow we don't know anything until they fight.
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