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Default Re: Rank Barrera, Morales and Marquez

1. Marquez -arguably the most technical boxer to come out of Mexico. Has had the most success moving up in weight, and has beat very good fighters in the process at a late stage in his career.

2. Barrera-Has had the most succes at the lighter weights against very great fighters. Although past his prime, did lose to Marquez and did not have the longevity or success that Marquez has had in the bigger divisions.

3. Morales-Of the three has the most exciting style. Although he was on the B-side of most of the trilogy he shared with Barrera, he does have a win over a prime Pacquaio (something Barrera never accomplished). El Terrible is a very debatable 3rd place on my list.

Overall, I believe Marquez will go down as the 2nd greatest fighter to come out of Mexico, only behind the great JCC.
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