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Default Re: Rakhim Chakhkiev....

Alot of positive comments im a big fan of Chakhkiev but i'll play Devil's Advocate here.

The biggest question mark for his career is that he is with ****ing Universum. He should be stepping up in competition but his last couple fights he's actually taken a step down. Iv always thought that he has A level power and still do but his last two fights against Taylor and Mendoza have gone 9 and 10 rounds, alot longer than they should have so i do wonder about that.

One shortcoming seems to be a lack of variety or ability to make adjustments. If you survive the first 3 or 4 rounds of explosive violence it seems like the only thing that changes is his level of intensity. He'll slow down and take a rest then explode again but doesnt seem to offer anything different.

A durable counter puncher with power or a tall boxer with a good jab, footwork and some power and countering skills could present the most trouble for him imo. Lebedev, YPH, Kiladze, Kucher fit this mold the most although i don't think YPH has the chin or mental toughness needed to maintain focus and a gameplan through adversity to succeed. Lebedev, Kiladze, Kucher, Chambers will be his toughest competition imo.

Chakhkiev is looking to get a WBC title shot and with Wlodarczyk's low workrate he wont be able to keep him off and if he can take the punishment he wont be winning rounds again because of his low volume. Huck would also be a tough fight but i really think he wouldn't fight in his typical style and would run against Chakhkiev like he did against Lebedev whose power and body punching seemed to bother him greatly. Chakhkiev goes downstaires even more than Denis does. Chambers would be interesting his counter punching, defense and all around quality could cause problems but at the same time Chakhkiev's power, aggression, workrate, body punching could cause Eddie problems a little similar to the way Povetkin did.

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