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Default Re: Dwyers opinion on DeGale vs Froch,Groves

Originally Posted by craney91 View Post
Finally rossco contributes something other than about Ricky Burns on ESB.

While I dont think DeGale is on the same level as Andre Ward. I have said this before on here, If he fought to a strict gameplan and intelligently applied it for 12 rounds. He could UD Carl Froch with ease, Froch isnt very fast and only performs when he is in there with someone who fights his fight. We have seen the blueprint, and if you want to beat Carl Froch, you can make him look very silly. DeGale has all the ability and talent to do the job, plus he has a key ingredient to carry it of, arrogance. But that could work both ways depending on his mentality, his mentality is an issue at the moment. The outcome of the fight would depend on that improvement for me.

If he got his head in check for this fight, he beats Carl Froch IMO. In fact, he doesnt just BEAT Carl Froch, he exposes him.

Dwyer can have an opinion and say what he wants, while I think that whole Gamblers Advisory act is laughable, he is smart enough to know he can make money from the zombies and legally equipped enough to justify its cause. I actually think Dwyer is a smart boxing enthusiast, and on many times shares my view on a fight or a fighter. He sees boxing the way it is supposed to be seen, not with a blind kneejerk biased eye, but with a totally clear mind. Only few people in the boxing game actually have this ability to think in that way. And surprisingly enough they are at elite level with elite trainers.....there is only a handful of those around.

The pathetic thing isnt Dwyer, the pathetic thing is the *****s on his nuts praying on his every mistake and wrong prediction.....speaking of which.

Where there is a healthy steamy pile of ****, there are always flys around it.
This is where I gave up, Degale is as thick as pig ****.
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