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Default Re: Rank Barrera, Morales and Marquez

I make no secret of my bias towards Barrera but for the last few years I've felt exactly the same way about JMM as I did about MAB.
I think as has been pointed out,prime Barrera bests the other two H2H,but it doesn't hurt at all to acknowledge that JMM will eventually become the undisputed #1 of the three.
In fact it's a bit like my youngest achieving more than my oldest...
No problem at all.

And Hatesrats,I suspect MAB ****ysed that KO with a hint of jealousy which I for one can completely understand.He's admitted he just couldn't work Pacquaio out yet JMM was born to fight him.
I think he's missing the game and ****yzes big fights a bit like SRL used to,always thinking "that should be me up there"
I've heard him praise JMM's tactics against Pacquaio and in general,but I think him and Erik are very complex characters.
Just like it should be.
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