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Default Re: How exactly does Pacquiao have a better resume than Mayweather?

Originally Posted by acie2g View Post
I try not to get involved with the pac/may threads but just a little note for all those who say floyd doesn't fight anybody you do realize before he retire the first time (or ducked depending on who you ask) he came off fights against the #1 WW, the undisputed WW champ, a top #1-2 JMW and the #1 JWW in 4 consecutive fights that's pretty impressive regardless of how you try to twist it around.
Either way both guys have pretty good resumes
Funny, I don't think anyone in this thread ever said such a thing or has really been even remotely disrespectful to Mayweather. But an internet warrior has spent this entire thread disrespecting a **** ton of other fighters, are you sure you posted this in the right place?
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