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Default Re: Question about Floyd and Pac styles of fighting

Originally Posted by pit View Post
Again you make no since .. one Floyd was never really hurt by judah .. second being rocked by corley witch he recovered 15 second later and dominated corley and mostly... in both cases he was caught with shot he didn't see coming, and yet he still held up and dominated ..

just how many time has Pac been rocked ? answer: plenty. yet public opinion is, pac has a good chin..

again that claim dose not sit to well, especially since pac has been knocked cold twice now, and hurt a number of times.

So your argument on floyd chin does not hold. he has a great chin, id give him an A for his chin. he taken shot from other fighter and nothing happened.

please don't use the fact, that floyd put himself down because he hurt his hand.. Keep the debate intelligent, that makes you look bad, because you're reaching for straws with that statement. Even with the broke hand Floyd went on to dominate and win his first belt. so lets stay on topic he has yet to be put down with a good punch let alone stay in trouble .
Not sure why you quoted me. Unless you cannot read. I was agreeing that Floyd HAS a chin.
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