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Default Re: More skilled: Eder Jofre or Ricardo Lopez

Originally Posted by Mendoza View Post
These are two of my favorite lower weight fighters.

Who was more skilled? Both were good technicians. I would say Lopez was the better pure technician as an out fighter, but Jofre was the smother technician, better on the inside, and faster.

In a pound for pound sense, Lopez was the better puncher.

I rate Jofre as greater of the two.

But who is harder to beat at their weight class? I’ll go against the grain and say Lopez because he was unusually tall, very focused, and hit like a middle weight. Some of Lopez's KO's would make Mike Tyson and George Foreman nod their head. Almost unfair at 105 pounds.

Others will point out that Jofre fought better competition. Yes this is true. The bantam weight divison has more depth to it.
No way is Lopez the superior hitter, despite his aesthetically pleasing K.Os. He was a fantastic puncher, but if he hit like a middle that unheralded Mongkol, admittedly nails, would not have taken the drubbing he did and still be alive.

Also, Jofre beat a lot of good featherweights. Look at the difference in weight scaled between the two. Lopez could've moved up and somehow sparked Arbachakov inside a round and would still be a bit behind Jofre.
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