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Default Pacquiao's performance v Marquez

Things I liked in his fight against Marquez

1. Throwing the left hand lead or 1-2, he would dip down and roll over to the side instead of pulling straight up, preventing marquez from countering him.

2. He did a better job this time keeping Marquez in front of him, getting his lead foot outside, and lining marquez up for his left hand.

3. Uppercuts. Pac didnt land a lot of them in this fight, but you could tell it was part of strategy. I always felt Marquez could move his head into a perfect Pacquiao left uppercut, if timed correctly.

4. DISTANCE. He kept the fight in his range, He didn't let Marquez dictate the range forcing Pacquiao reach in with his punches.

5. Pac let his hands go. Unlike the 3rd fight and somewhat the mosley fight ,Pac let his hands fly, and with bad intentions. I haven't seen him throw with that kind of intensity for a while.

6. Feints / Head movement. Pacquiao's feinting / movement was on point for this fight. Roy Jones was harping on it all night. It was befuddling Marquez who had trouble timing Pacquiao's rythm.

7. He got in shape. He looked slow/lethargic and flat footed against Bradley and sort of tired out in the later rounds. Here his legs looked fresh and springy again , and it looked like the fuel was back in the gastank

I think if Pacquiao was less laid back in the 3rd fight, and showed the same kind of intensity and determination he had in this fight, he would have made a clearer/more convincing victory.

On the flipside, Pac's chin didn't look like the granite were used to seeing. The wars / wear and tear might have had their effect. Though Marquezl landed some nasty shots I'm not convinced those shots would have taken down a fresher Pacquiao a year or two years ago. He took almost identical punches in there last fight and ate them like candy.

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