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Default Re: My mate making Tyson Fury smash his caravan up...

Originally Posted by Anaboilc lion View Post
wow what a hard man your mate is

lets see him back up his **** talk
'Hmmm, I want to look all macho in my big boy pants, what's a dead scary wary username...

Gorillas are big & tough, Hippo's are more deadly but I can't call myself Harry Hippo nobody will **** themselves at that, I've got it, A LION!!! RAAAAAAAAR, King of the ****ing jungle. You don't **** with a lion oh no. Just like you don't **** with me.

There's got to be a way I can make this lion even scarier though...

GOT IT!!! Imagine a ****ing lion on STEROIDS!! That'd be laughing in a Hippo's face & ****.

Annnabolllllllic......Lion. Done.

I expect I'll be greeted as the ****ing genius I am when I log on for the first time. Obviously Tyson as my avvy. Who else?

*****es better watch the **** out.'
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