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Default Re: Question about Floyd and Pac styles of fighting

Originally Posted by Miguel View Post
I don't know who would win. I do find it laughable people think Floyd would win because of the Marquez KO.

Firstly FLoyd's KO record is poor, Marquez' is impressive. He has known power in his right. Secondly they are both counter punchers but very different kinds. Marquez counters toe to toe, Floyd counters with singles at a distance. Thirdly Marquez can take shots, he will go in harms way - that's how he got the chance to counter Pacquiao. He will willingly stand and take some big shots himself to open up the chance for big counters. Floyd does not do this. Let's not forget Pacquiao was battering Marquez at that point also and giving him a lot of problems before that counter which was completely at odds with how the fight was going.

Mayweather would keep the fight at a distance and jab and get the odd coutner with his right which is always primed for that single counter follow through. So that's why Floyd wouldn't necessarily give Pac the same problems Marquez does - Marquez can fight toe to toe, take a punch and look to counter. Mayweather covers up when toe to toe, he does not counter when under pressure or he would have KO'd Cotto quite easily.

Why would Pacquiao give him problems? The shoulder roll just doesn't work as well against left handers. Pacquiao's speed in his offense is something Mayweather hasn't faced before. Pacquiao's speed would allow him to connect with Floyd a lot more often than Floyd has been used to in fights. Floyd does not have a good chin, he has a great defense but when exposed he's been shaken by mediocre punches.

So yes, I think Pacquiao would certainly give Mayweather problems and if he used the same movement he did against Marquez without the reckless lunging in head first, chin exposed he would of course give Mayweather problems.

I can agree with some of this, but my main issue with this is why do you think floyd has a bad chin? He's been rocked three times in his career from what I have seen of him, two being in the same round very close to each other, and both times he gained composure quickly. Secondly if Floyd has to he will get in the mix of things, I assume he doesn't prefer it, but several times I've seen him throw some caution to the wind and stray away from his usual style. Myself like many others believe that of course manny's straight left will give initial problems to floyd, but he will adjust to is and essentially neutralize it, perhaps even use it against him, like he did to all of his other opponents strengths.
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