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Default Re: Rank Barrera, Morales and Marquez

Originally Posted by anj View Post
My pick is 1. Barrera 2. Marquez 3. Morales

Barrera's greatest wins:
Erik Morales - Got the upper hand on Morales. He won the first fight and the third fight. Morales won the second.
Prince Naseem Hamed - legendary dismantling of a great fighter
Johnny Tapia
Paulie Ayala
Kennedy McKinney
- Came VERY close with Marquez in 2007, Barrera was past it in 2007.

Marquez's greatest wins:
Pacman 4 - What a KO. Marquez had lost a lot of speed, and had tailored more of his game towards pacing himself like a true counter puncher, trying to get the KO as planned. Marquez did not go into this fight to get a decision win. Nor did Pacquiao. Marquez was 39 years old and his speed was no way near fight 1.
Arguably he won at least 2 of the 3 other fights against Pacquiao.
Derrick Gainer
Juan Diaz
Orlando Salido
Marco Antonio Barrera - only just, and Barrera was not in his prime, and Barrera arguably won that fight, Lederman thinks Barrera won by two rounds.
- His resume has the least impressive names.

Morales' greatest wins:
He won the second fight but he finished second place to Barrera.
Manny 1 - still, he finished second in this trilogy - Manny's weight draining and off-prime fighting tactics were in play for this trilogy however. Erik in the second fight looked DEAD during the weigh in.
Junior Jones - Hello Barrera
Jesus Chavez
In-Jin Chi
Espadas Jr - Before the Morales loss, he was a beast. Morales ruined his career and he was losing to bums as a result.


This is very hard as they're all virtually even. A hairs width separates these three fighters. I think I could probably even change my mind as a result.
Outside of Manny who really on Marquez resume can compare to :

Chavez,McCullough ,Ayala ,Chi ,Jones Espades for Morales ? Diaz ,Katsisdas ,Casamayor?Gainer ? Jesus Chavez most likly

And for Barrera : Morales ,McKinny ,Hamed ?

Em and Barrera have much stronger resumes ..Before Manny there wasn't much on his resume to really keep him up there with those 2 .Now with the win over Manny it moves him up right behind him ..But this really needs to be asked a few yrs from now ..Right now JMM is the greatest Mexican boxer ever as well as greatest to ever consider the sport in boxing Mexico right now more dust needs to settle.
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