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Default Re: Arturo Gatti elected into hall of fame

Originally Posted by Stylez G. View Post
I think having Gatti inducted cheapens the HOF. In every sport, the HOF(in regards to participants) is reserved for athletes who were the best of the best. Theres' been countless times where I've seen people hype up a guys resume based on how many HOFers he's beat. Well how do we know how many of these HOFers were top notch fighters, and how many were glorified club fighters that were really popular?

Imagine if Tim Tebow was one day inducted into the NFL HOF based on his popularity rather than his play. It was bad enough when Rocky Balboa was inducted, inducting Gatti removes pretty much all credibility the IBHOF had left.
Stallone's induction was a strange one, validated in part by the attention he brought to the sport, but a big slap in the face to all the great fighters who risked their lives for our entertainement, but have still not gotten the call.

As for Gatti, it's very similar to Diego Corrales.
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