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Default Re: Rank Barrera, Morales and Marquez

Originally Posted by PJ View Post
I am gonna tell it like it is and then close this thread...

JMM probably will go down as #2 out of Mexico. One of the best technicians ever. Has way too many wins against great/good consistent competition. This Pacman win and at least one other puts him on top.

MAB is a solid fighter and had a good wins and is top 10 out of Mexico. He lost to Junior Jones in his prime when EM fk'd Poison up.

EM is the baddest dude on the planet. Excellent boxer and brawls when there is no need to. ***** to the wall style even when he was way past his prime. My favorite fighter out of Mexico and is probably top 5.
Sorry,top 5 what? Out of Mexico?
Serious question.
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