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Default Re: Ricky Burns ducking Broner again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Originally Posted by PrinceN View Post
Why does this hype job need a tune up? Ricky needs to stop running from Broner and get in the ring Feb 16th no excuses.
You see?
I try to keep it civil and have a measured discussion with you and you prove that all you're interested in is adolescent nonsensical drivel.

This was a money fight for Ricky,which is what guys who don't have HBO contracts and millions at 22 have to do.

Where is this Feb 16th bull**** coming from?
Have GBP made Ricky a decent offer and been refused?
Don't know why I'm even asking because you have no interest in anything other than your childish littel pranks,regardless of what the facts are.

Do yourself a favour and nark your **** with your next post,or do what you usually do and ignore any sensible discussion with adults because you like to be known as a trolling version of Carlos Mencia who couldn't raise a laugh in a tank of nitrous oxide.
I gave you a chance to discuss it.Keep that in mind for the future.
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