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Default Legacy question going into 2013

Asked this in a post and thought it should be a thread. Say Pacquiao Marquez and Mayweather all decide to fight at least twice this year what do you feel would be the best career path each fighter could take in 2013 that would definitively set one of them as the defining fighter of this era over the other. Also who do you feel has the best chance to accomplish it?

For me I'd personally say for each fighters these bouts could possible put one of them as the unquestioned best of this last era

Marquez - April - Pacquiao/Marquez V I feel this fight is inevitable to happen next year i feel for Marquez if he takes this fight next year it has to be early if he can come out an repeat his performance say Tko 10 that would be the final wrap for that leaving all doubt gone
June/July - possible Bradley/Guerrero victor for Lineal WW title?? this could be interesting. Bradley-WBO champ v Guerrero-WBC Champ a hard fought decision here would give him another legit title at 147.
Winter - Mayweather/Marquez II a final bout re-matching his only clear defeat if he could change this chess game into a tactical war a UD here would stamp his mark as the best in the last 10-15 years

Pacquiao - May - Mayweather/Pacquiao for manny it starts to get tricky I think his best bet would be to forgo an April bout and go for mayweather although there are many ways you could look at this if it were next if he came from being ko'd and took a close LEGIT SD over may his stock would be higher than ever before
June/July - Pacquiao/Marqeuz V - as I said I see this as inevitable for Manny he would have to take it to him not go ***** out per say but he'd need to apply intelligent pressure and revenge his ko with a ko/tko of his own
Winter- Mayweather/Pacquaio II - if pacquaio wins there no-way a rematch doesn't happen after SD in the first bout manny would have to put a final exclamation point via KO this route would lay him as this eras Top Jewel

Mayweather - May - Mayweather/Marquez II for me this was the hardest to figure out with so many options at this point there is no way to narrow down the MOST LEGIT opponent for this may fight I chose marquez based off of strength of schedule out of everybody that could be picked Marquez is the highest rated most skilled/experienced coming off the most impressive win out of all the names you could bring up I think mayweather could take this fight an end it in a much closer KO 11? as a some what smack in the face to pacquiao in a bout that technically should be for the undisputed WW title.
Sept - Martinez/Alverez Winner Undisputed MW/JMW Champ? as a final bout this would be the perfect match up with martinez and alverez clearing out there top challengers early in the year then meet after meeting sometime in the summer the winner here would prove to be mayweather greatest possible challenge at this point at 160 he would be meeting the best 154/60 lber at this time for the middle weight crown in a UD in a 12 epic bout mayweather would gain the legacy that seems to always alluded him.

to me out of the possibilities I think mayweather has the best chance to gain that title I know some will say without the pacquiao fight his legacy will always have an * i think a lineal title at MW could supplant that. I also picked mayweather because I feel he has a much better chance at defeating a canelo/martinez than marquez has of winning a may/marquez rematch, saying that I also believe that is a more likely outcome than Manny beating marquez and may twice.

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