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Default Re: Better ATG Pacquiao or Wladimr Klitschko?

One has p4p skills, one has a p4p advantage

You have to understand with the exception of his early losses, all Pacs stateside losses are all people that are also higher ranking than Wlad or anyone he has faced, (Marquez, morales) as are his best wins (Barrera, Morales, Oscar)

Pac in his prime was a warrior with blindig hand speed, power, the heart and ability to be dangerous going toe to toe with anyone and ended up fighting well out of his weight class.

Wlad kind of, enjoys the opposite of all the disadvantages that made Pacs career so impressive, and manages to do so looking a lot less impressive. And then there is the actual resume.


13 straight title defences
Huge KO ratio
Dominance (weak opposition however)
Notable wins: Haye, Chambers, Byrd (x2) Peter, Chagaev

7 division title holder
Lineal champ in 4 divisions
Fighter of the decade (HBO, WBO, Boxing Writers)
Former p4p #1
Notable wins: Barrera(x2) Oscar, Morales (x2), Marquez (2 official), Cotto, Margarito, Hatton

The answer is very easily Pacquiao.

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