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Default Re: Burns fight off, Allegedly claims Derry Matthews knocked fight back...

Originally Posted by craney91 View Post
So here goes the story:

Burns ducked Walsh, Walsh was still sticking em up after the crash, and they still ducked him, the whiplash meant Walsh would come in to stiff for Ricky. To dangerous a fight. Fair enough, they backed out.


Burns then ducked Ocampo, he was seen as a dangerous operator and a wounded animal after the death of his trainer, so they didnt wanna even go there on that one after seeing what Jonathan Banks did to Seth Mitchell.

So, finally they offered Derry Katona out for a date, and a 10p freddo chocolate to fight in a non-title dust up. Billy saw Derry eat the Freddo and told Ricky to duck the fight, NOBODY eats Billys chocolate.....and I mean, NOBODY.

This meant no fight for Ricky before Chrimbo, so he can let himself go and have a proper dinner for Christmas around Billys house, the question is now, will Burns duck Broner in the new year to keep up his ducking streak?
And you claim you're offering a valid alternative opinion Craney?
You disappoint me mate.Thought you could keep up the pretence a bit better than this.
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