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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

Originally Posted by JFT96 View Post
I haven't seen that video so can't really comment on that. I'm not saying that he has never gone out with the intention of making it rough to unsettle his opponent- in fact quite the opposite, I'm sure it's been part of his tactics against guys like Moreno. But I have to take issue with the fact that he is a dirty fighter full stop. Low blows were not an issue in either Agbeko II or Morel and I think the worse cases of him fouling by going low have been at least in part due to his head being pulled down by the likes of Vic or Moreno when getting inside. It does make me laugh at times the hypocrisy of a young fighter like Mares being labelled a scumbag by some who then in turn praise veteran fighters for "old manning" an opponent with a few rough tricks here in there.

I strongly disagree with SPB that Mares is a horrible fighter too, he's anything but.
I never called him a 'scumbag'. I'm actually a fan of his. And if you were around on this site in about 2009 you will remember me hyping this kid up. But it's just my opinion that he's intentionally dirty. I don't see much wrong with roughouse tactics but intentional low blows are below the belt (no pun intended). I actually admire fighters who can incorporate some roughhouse tactics and use it to their advantage. It's up to the opponent to raise hell. You can admit a fighter is dirty, and still be a fan.

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