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Default Re: Burns fight off, Allegedly claims Derry Matthews knocked fight back...

Originally Posted by craney91 View Post
Quack f*cking quack.

It was tongue in cheek PTF, where is the respect you lady boy? I voted for you "poster of the year", and this is how you treat I? Can I change that vote to grumpiest of the year?.....Well you wont be getting my vote next year because of this ....well done!

Seriously now, Ricky Burns doesnt duck anybody, at least I dont think. And Billy says the same. IMO He just isnt getting the fights he deserves and more importantly needs, thats all.

The casuals in the US, will just think Burns is ducking everyone though.
All I'm saying is that you can do a lot better and I don't like to see you s****ing the barrel.You know fine well that we would share some humour if you weren't so hardcore on this subject.
Do I still have your vote? I promise to get things done in this God forsaken constituency!
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