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Default Re: Barry McGuigan - I've had enough of you.

Originally Posted by Olu G. Rotimi View Post
Ardy there a lot of issues I can take with your latest comments however lets be clear Azumah Nelson knocking out Pat Cowdell in 1 round was no surprise. Nelson was prepared to give Cowdell about 5 rounds before putting his lights however it was when Cowdell had the audacity to go toe to toe and stay in danger zone Azumah puts his lights out and that was all she wrote. As for Cowdell been weight weakened etc my view is that after every defeat there is an injury. Nelson would beat Cowdell evert day of the week that is not to say Cowdell is not a fine fighter he clearly was and one of the better ones not to win a world title.

McGuigan losing to Cruz was no fluke he got his **** canned period. Cruz was part of Dave Gorman's stable in Texas with Don Curry and was no mug. Please don't make excuses about the heat etc as great fighters overcome adversity.

You might admire Barry McGuigan which is good for you and him I just don't share these sentiments about his career. I think he is way overrated. I get sick of people who say it is shame he and Nelson never fought when the reality is McGuigan ducked Nelson period. I remember Nelson say that they could fight in McGuigan's bedroom and his wife could be the referee and judge but Barry would still get knocked out.
Your comments re: McGuigan-Cruz are totally laughable, you need to watch that fight again to remind yourself how close that fight was and precisely how clear the heat and exhaustion affected McGuigan. It is ridiculous for you to dismiss the effect of that open air venue in the middle of the day with blazing heat, and how it seriously affected McGuigan & his high pace pressure style. Cruz was a clear underdog for that fight. I have been reading some of your posts on this thread and it it is clear that you hero worship Nelson (that is not to dispute Nelson was a great fighter, because he was).
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