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Thumbs up Re: Did Fury perform better against Kingpin than Vitali?

Originally Posted by Michael300 View Post
You're right that the Klitschko fight was pretty bad, certainly not one I'd fancy sitting through again

I remember waching it at the time though and did watch a fair bit of it in the lead up to this weekends fight.

I'm not being negative about Fury, I liked his performance and thought both him and his corner exhibited alot of professionalism, bit I do think that Kingpin was on better form against Vitali.

He was still negative I grant you, but he definitely did more than he did this weekend.


Fury prevented him from doing more?

Short notice and lack of conditioning?

I'm not 100% sure but I'm leaning towards the latter.
yes Johnson did poses more of a fret in the KlitschKO fight from watching it on youtube.but could it be Johnson found Fury was throwing more punches then he's used to,short notice and lack of conditioning you say?...I wouldn't think so
any man who can go for 10 rounds must be fit in any case these type guys are waiting for an opportunity to present it self...granted not heavy shots by Fury but then again could that have been down to the advice given from he's Uncle an trainer Peter Fury......what ever you do Son ,do Not Knock this Guy will never get a fight with Vitail will defend against an easier opponent if you look to you Know the HeavyWeight Division is the Money Train if Fury could pull that off beating Vitail and he's 1st defence against David Price in London or Manchester now that fight is a Stadium filler be one of the biggest fights in recent history now that kind of paper just from them two fights a shrewed man could retire and live the Good life...but Fury's only a young Feller still loads of time but he must improve he's defensive skills bigtime and learn how to punch he's body Weight close to 18 I believe he has a genuine chance to become World Champion...answer yes
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