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Default Re: greatest aura of invincibility

Originally Posted by johnmaff36 View Post
Yet tommy got blasted in 3 rounds and Leonard beat hagler.

Ive never ever seen 'invincible' linked to tommy hearns name, much less after a stoppage defeat to Leonard. Neither have i seen 'invincible' linked to Leonard either. I love both fighters but its hard to understand your reasoning for bigging up one and downplaying the other, other than you just dont like the guy.

I dont even know what you mean by 'downplaying the obvious', all i did was ask a straightforward question and got back a not-straightforward answer
going after and challenging depleted fighters suggests weakness, not strength. Sugar never faced Hags in his prime. he had the chance to. nothing was stopping him, but he failed to meet the challenge. that knocks him down several dozen pegs in my book

and while Sugar was good, this was only Sugar Ray, not Hagler

it was Hagler with the blockbuster wins over Hearns, Sibson, Hamsho, Roldan, not Leonard

Even Bryant Gumbel said Hagler beat him better than Sugar Ray

and he did

becuz Hags is a fighter made of higher stock

Sugar is a guy who would pick a fight with the weakest, clumsiest, slowest titlest out there.

the most limited fighter he could find, and still make him melt down to the lower limit of his weight class

that's the kind of man he is

why deny it?

we all know

okay, enough of that clown. My picks for greatest image would be Hagler, Hearns (1984 version), Roy Jones (longest streak), followed by Foreman (totalling prime Frazier, Norton & just about everyone else in the division leading up to the title challenge)

In fact if u look at George's record u can see going all the way back to 1971, a long list of KO 1 & KO 2
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