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Default Re: The Diaz Brothers Belong in Pro Boxing

Originally Posted by gumbo2176 View Post
Who said anything about them developing fast enough in "13" to top this years salary, certainly not me. You said they should concentrate on boxing starting in "13" and I contend that they are so weak in the boxing game that they don't have enough time to make the switch and be able to make a good living. They should stay exactly where they are and milk that cow for all it's worth.

And as far as mentioning footwork necessary for boxing, I'll do so whenever I please no matter how extensively you think you covered it.
The guy is a ****ing re****. He thinks the Diaz brothers can jump right into boxing and contend for a belt. What a ****ing idiot. He also thinks they'll jump in and make the same money and more then what they are currently making. ****ing idiot needs to lay of the weed like his idols. That brain is fried.
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