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Default Re: Great Site, excellent Footage

Originally Posted by frankenfrank View Post

This showed that Olivares was not more skilled than Castillo , only bigger and more active but it was he who got put on his s .
Still i won't rank Castillo or Herrera above Olivares just yet either .
Seems like their inner ranking goes like this though :
1. Castillo
2. Herera
3. Olivares

while Olivares was d bigger man and d younger of d 3 and was matched easier / was readier at n earlier stage in his career .
Still their h2h outcomes against each other imply exactly what i posted above while Castillo's worse (than Olivares') outcomes against Chacon can easily b excused by d larger gape in ages between himself and Chacon compared 2 Olivares and Chacon .
Maybe Olivares was also better against lower tier opponents .
Also Olivares seemed 2 prefer d lower tier opponents or otherwise y didn't he fight Rudolfo Martinez ?
Great footage!
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