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Originally Posted by BeastsideBoxing View Post
So you are upset we didn't go away when our fighter lost convincingly?
What was so outrageous in the comment of a fan hoping that his boy would find a way to win and saying what he thinks is a possibility?
The thing that you find that annoying alone makes you a hater of this boxer, or of his fans.

I believe Bute had some small things going against him in Nottingham, not to take anything from Froch cuz I believe he would've won anyway. But not exactly that categorically. So I believe Bute has more than he showed in England. And will be happy to see him lose a competitive fight, for as long as it lasts than see him run away from Froch and fighting 2nd rated fighters.
I believe he can win if all things are gonna be in his favor. I believe Bute can hit 1-2-3 punching combos, pivot and then move away, than repeat, and when Froch get's brave, meet him with a right hook, counter with the uppercut, sometimes use the left hook and left straight as well, all these with some power to stop Froch in his tracks only for a split of a sec, just enough time to get of the proximity of the ropes and then move agains and 1-2-3 punch combo. etc. And also durring that fast powerful counters might do
some damage, if Froch is to active and to wild.
The fact that Bute showed no signs of even winning a round, let alone looking like he could box against someone in the calibre of Carl Froch, shows how blind you are.
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