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Default Potential Matches After the Floyd Loss

Sorry I meant Pacquiao, I was thinking of some cool matches that could happen now that Pacquiao is dead and let's see what you think OR ADD your own

Floyd vs. Guerrero - Guerrero UD
JMM vs. Bradley - Controversial JMM UD
JMM vs. Guerrero ALL MEXICAN MATCH - Guerrero UD
Floyd goes nuts after his win, grows a pair & starts fightning everyone gorilla style, Canelo (wins), Sergio (loses), ****ing Guerrero rematch (wins) just going nuts, like somethin' in him SNAPPED and he's no longer a *****

I think this is a good outcome and I hope pac retires and a good thing is that less arum in the picture - post your ****ysis or video ****ysis below
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