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Default Re: Potential Matches After the Floyd Loss

Originally Posted by OttkeRuiz View Post
Sorry I meant Pacquiao, I was thinking of some cool matches that could happen now that Pacquiao is dead and let's see what you think OR ADD your own

Floyd vs. Guerrero - Guerrero UD
JMM vs. Bradley - Controversial JMM UD
JMM vs. Guerrero ALL MEXICAN MATCH - Guerrero UD
Floyd goes nuts after his win, grows a pair & starts fightning everyone gorilla style, Canelo (wins), Sergio (loses), ****ing Guerrero rematch (wins) just going nuts, like somethin' in him SNAPPED and he's no longer a *****

I think this is a good outcome and I hope pac retires and a good thing is that less arum in the picture - post your ****ysis or video ****ysis below
I'm definitely in the minority but I think Marquez should rematch Mayweather, then unify at 140, then retire. He'll make MUCH more money against Mayweather than any other proposed matchup.
Pac still has unfinished business with Bradley so I'd like to see him rematch Tim, then fight Rios(yeah I said it).
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