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Default Re: Duran vs Napoles

Jose Napoles is my favorite fighter. Duran is my second. Alot of things in this fight are contingent on their age, and weight division.

If it's a younger version of duran I see him losing to Mantequilla at 135 or winning via cuts, young duran was intense and relentless. Mantequilla was smooth and had the most perfect cadence.

a 1978 Dejesus III version of duran vs a 1966 version of Napoles around 140 is just too close to call IMO. Both are absolutely seamless in their integrationg of defense and offense. That's a pick em'. I would favor napoles only because that is his natural weight.

welterwight montreal duran could beat any version of WW napoles IMO. Napoles & Duran were both at their physical peaks at this division only in their first year.Duran by this time had the guile and physical wherewithall to make proper adjustments to napoles rhythm and enough boxing nous to hold his own in the mid range. napoles to his credit had the power to keep duran honest(in all the weight classes actually). Of all the divisions, this would perhaps be the most cerebral fight I think.
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