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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

Originally Posted by slip&counter View Post
How anyone who has seen his fights can think he's an innocent party is beyond me. I'm a fan of Mares but that first Agbeko fight was disgusting and left a bad taste in my mouth. I don't mind roughhouse tactics but he was being clearly and intentionally illegal and he new the ref wouldn't say anything to him. That's why he was so blatant.

I also want to point something else out in that fight, which sickened me. Agbeko’s corner did him a MASSIVE disservice. They should have been ALL over the referee. I also think Agbeko did himself a disservice. There is no way he should have allowed a man to tee off on his groin like that and not do the same in return. Most fighters who break the rules whether knowingly or unknowingly, don’t enjoy when the same rules are broken against them. Some of the best fighters you will ever see are rule stretchers. If the ref is not going to stop them, then freaking do it back to them and see how they like it. Agbeko is a man’s man, but he should have went low right back at Mares.

Mares has to be becareful. One of these days the chickens are ganna come home to roost...
Spot on Slip, I saw the highlights of the fight and it was embarrassing to see. Even Darchinyian complained about Mares straying low..

I sparred my mate about 6 months back and i like to body punch even as a kid. He's 6'2 and i'm 5'9/5'10 so i'm the little guy in this, I threw a uppercut to body and he leaned and hopped back from it. Caught him right on his piece i'd say due to him changing range from mid to long and extension of my glove caught him. First thing i did was show out to him with the glove, we touched gloves and i made sure i kept my work up.

I've seen better bodypunchers then Mares not stray low consistently like his has.

Originally Posted by pong View Post
mares is a dirty little fighter ward can be aswell.even al bernstein mentioned it in mares last fight and al don't make rash decisions
Yep agreed. My missus woke up while i was watching the Moreno fight an she said halfway through ''that little guy is dirty, he's hitting low a lot''. That video Slip posted shows how much Mares knows a low blow can debilitate a fighter.

He's good fighter not doubting that but don't like the dirtyness. Horrible to see IMHO.
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