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Default Re: Pac Calls KO "Lucky Punch" (Maybe a planned DIVE)

Pac took a dive:

The third round knockdown was after Marquez landed a reaching over hand upward punch from his typical wide stance. No power there. Plus Pac was fainting backwards away from the punch when it hit him. Yet Pac takes a dramatic backwards butt dive to the convince. Very suspicious.

The sixth round KO was preceded with PAC standing head high with both guards down. PAC hops towards Marquez with a soft slap jab to the body barely touching Marquez chest. Notice both his guards are still down and still standing head high and exposed as he gets closer to Marquez right shoulder. Marquez launches a typical counter right from a wide stance. Pac head is up high and fully exposed and sees it coming. Pac never lifted his left previously to block or counter with a straight. Again, his previous front jab was never stiff coming in. It was just a slap. Marquez KO punch landed from this wide stance and shoulders halfway rotated and never extended forward. It only lands and never goes through Pac. Even in real time at a side angle do you not see Marquez right glove move beyond his right shoulder when contact is made. Then Pac dramatically dives forward.

Remember also days before, Pac brags to the media he will be the Pac of old, taking chances, reckless. Why would he say that? Freddie Roach never would tell him to fight that way. That advice came from Bob Arum. His words and demeanor in prior days hinted of a planned dive. As a result, a 5th and 6th fight is now being bragged by Bob Arum.

Why not make the angry Mexican fans who make the majority of boxing fans now happy as compared in previous bouts? You don't want to **** off your main customers. A Marquez loss this time was bad for business. Keep the saga going.

Plus Pac CAT scans came out negative with nothing broken. Marquez got a broken nose and concussion. I read even that PAC led on all rounds.

It's all a SCAM.
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