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It was man, it ****in was
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Default Knock him down, Gamboa just doesn't give a f***

Loved the fight on Saturday, pure Gamboa, there's nothing like him in boxing. So much talent, yet he's like "**** that ****, I'm here to drop hands and opponents" and goes totally wild. In the 9th round he gets dropped HARD by a good puncher, wobbly legs and all, and he's like "where was I? Oh yeah" and goes back throwing crazy punches like nothing happened.

He seems perfectly aware of his recklessness and that he could get knocked out - and at some point, he will be - he just doesn't give a ****. And as long as he keeps up with his recklessness, he's going to get these TV opportunities no matter of wins or losses, looks like the only thing he cares about is flurrying.
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