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Default Re: Rank Barrera, Morales and Marquez

Originally Posted by Rumsfeld View Post
Yeah, it definitely seems that way to me, and I can understand that the buzz surrounding JMM is still doing the rounds.

To me, I think Barrera at his best beats both of them 122-130. I think he was the most complete overall package, but Morales was a warrior personified and JMM may have had the best tactical skill set of the bunch.

It is definitely a tough trio to rank, but seeing people saying JMM is head & shoulders above the other two, no. I'm just not seeing it.
The bigger issue is that people on here have the memory of a goldfish and there's simply no way they could fully appreciate the achievements of a Barrera or even a Morales, sure they could watch some youtube videos and try to pass off how they like both guys when in reality all they've seen is some flashy highlight video of Barrera beating Hamed or round 12 of Pacquiao Morales 1. The complete landslide in the poll proves a lot, also the fact there's now a thread where people are voting for Wlad over Pacquiao as to who rates higher as an ATG
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