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Talking Re: Ricky Burns ducking Broner again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Originally Posted by J.BULLA View Post
Fair enough but are you seriously saying that you know for certain that
Ricky Burns is pleading with his promotoer " pleeeeeeeeeeese DO NOT make a fight with Broner ?? "

You dont think , considering W*rrens history it more down to him not making any moves to make the fight ? "

When in reality most boxers will fight anyone and most boxers have huge self belief

Ducking is such a lazy accusation to throw around
He talks as if he 's discovered a cure for cancer mate.As if he's the only person to see those things.
It's useless trying to reason with him.He's only interested in reactionary humour for kids.
There are a few people here showing they know nothing about boxing promotion and conditioning for big fights.
Thankfully,there are some on both sides who get it.
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