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Default Re: ricky burns looking for new trainer

Originally Posted by billy nelson View Post
Ricky will always stay loyal to Alex and why shouldn't he?
Alex has guided him to be a two weight world champion,if we lived in any other country we'd be raving about the fact,but eh!
Don't worry Billy I'm sure Mr Salmond will be around for a few photoshoots towards the end of next year/start of 2014
But maybe I'm alone on this, but my opinion is that Ricky is gaining a lot of fans down here away from the nationalistic banter.

As for the OP, it isn't even worth commenting on, posted on a forum here where Rickys current trainer also posts.
Sounds like ****ery of the highest order to me.

Without blowing smoke up Billys ****, (I don't have the adequate lung capacity), why would Ricky be going anywhere. He's been on an amazing upward curve for the past few years? As covered extensively already if anything needs changing it would be his promoter to get the fights his efforts/status deserve. But from the comments on here Rickys a loyal sort, maybe to a fault, but I ain't going to denounce someone for that.
I just hope he gets where he deserves to be and doesn't have unnecessary regrets.
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