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Default Re: Frazier v Foreman I

Originally Posted by baddest View Post

Rewatching this fight. One of the things I recognized early was every blow that connected to Joe's head physically showed; he moved his head each time. How Smokin' Joe managed to get up after the 2nd knockdown is beyond me! If you examine that punch and the combination leading up to it, you see Joe teetering like a seesaw, hanging on for dear life literally on the ropes!

Foreman's exploited his range to great effect, and early on did typical box-by-the-books work, always moving to joe's left..until he knew he could finish joe, in which case he gradually went whacking away literally cutting him down by size.

What amazes me,after all these years,is that the fight was allowed to go on after the third knockdown. It was obvious,then,how it was going to end.

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