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Default Re: Controversial Fight- Camacho vs Mancini

Originally Posted by PhillyPhan69 View Post
The only ones I have heard who thought that Camacho won easily enough were the announcers talking about Camacho 8-3 going into the final rounds (I hate idiot announcers). Did you re-watch it or do you remember what your scorecard was or anything to say that Camacho won easily enough??? he really only landed about 5 telling shots all fight....was his flicking jab enough to sway you to that assessment or was there something else that factors into that....Not meaning this to sound contrary as much as I am trying to see what others saw to make them feel on the opposite side...the 2 judges who favored camacho had it 7-5, so even they don't seem to say easy enough???? just wondering if that is the correct word you wanted to attach?
Mancini was busy but not hitting clean, and Hector was controlling the action but not winning the rounds big. This was 1989 and after the Rosario fight where Hector did not take chances, but he did control rounds. I ordered the fight and it was on PPV I remember. I am glad there was not a rematch. Then the next fight for Mancini I was at. It was in Reno and it was Haugen vs. Mancini. Ray looked washed up there. In that fight Mancini made Haugen look like Roy Jones the way Haugen controlled the fight with speed and technique. If I am not mistaken. I have memory of this being on USA network or those guys were the announcers on the PPV, and they had Ray interviewed by Sean OGrady later on a program talking about the fight or on replay later, and I have a memory of Ray saying over and over "Never say never but?" As for a rematch. Then there was talk later of Mancini fighting Sean.
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