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Default Re: Pac Calls KO "Lucky Punch"

Originally Posted by MAG1965 View Post
that was not lucky. No such thing as a lucky punch in boxing. If lucky means the perfect punch landed in the exact way it has to for a knockout like that then yes. Everything came together. I still have watched that knockout over and over. I don't go to youtube much for fights, but I am mesmorized by the contrast in action. One moment a fast paced fight and next moment Pacman is out cold. The fact there was a knockdown in round 3 and the style of fight that was not luck for punch to land. Do I think it will happen again if there is a fight 5? Probably not if they do fight again because Manny will not walk into it. That was a perfect punch. and the fact that Manny's right foot was stopping on JMM's foot means Manny was distracted at the moment and the punch which landed was very clean on a relaxed fighter a little.

Everything came together. #1. The attitude of both guys wanting to get the knockout, and thus Manny taking more chances. #2. Manny's right foot hitting JMM's and Manny being distracted by that since his mind shifts to his foot in that second. #3. JMM hitting harder and working on his punching power in this fight and #4. maybe Manny diminishing in skills. Also some have said #5. Manny having too many things on his mind and not concentrating on the fight as much. Everything together turned into the perfect punch. Eliminate one of those variables and we don't get that knockout probably.
Good post but Manny will walk into that shot again if they ever fight one another again. He has a habit of walking in like that. He did it all night and Marquez was getting closer and closer with that shot and actually popped Manny good in the 5th with it.
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