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Default Re: Pac Calls KO "Lucky Punch"

Originally Posted by mrjotatp4p View Post
Good post but Manny will walk into that shot again if they ever fight one another again. He has a habit of walking in like that. He did it all night and Marquez was getting closer and closer with that shot and actually popped Manny good in the 5th with it.
well it is possible. I think Manny should avoid JMM, but he should have avoided him before the 4th fight. He had an advantage in the fights and JMM never officially won previous to this fight. Now with that knockout if they never fight again, JMM sort of wiped the 3 previous fights away. That knockout was so amazing that it overshadows the other fights, so Manny might think he has to redeem himself. I don't think he has to and the risk is big. If he gets stopped in a 5th fight Marquez dominated. Manny should fight someone else and eventually maybe the other fights will merge in and this last fight will just be one of them. The only thing which could make what happened with JMM even is if Manny can stop JMM. He might, but he risks being stopped again. It takes a warrior to take that chance. Not many guys will fight the guy who stopped them with one punch. That is guts.
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